Assonance and alliteration are different types of


- wnuki







-teść / ojciec


All interviewee needs respect that is why they really accept answer in a proper manner. They actually think that the person they interview will be able to answer their question in a mild or gentle way.

Student must act and talk with pleasing personality, listen well, pay attention, and never forget the word of "could you please say it again ma'am/sir" or else "could you please make it simple questions " if the questions given is not easy to understand.

It depends on interviewee, several of interviewee are sympathetic and compassionate but some also are formidable and sometimes hard to deal with. The important is, answer the question, be friendly and be approachable. while doing this, you will catch their heart.

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Assonance & Alliteration are different types of Poetic devices.

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