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nakakatulong ito sa pamamagitan na kung tayo ay minsan walang panggastos ang perang inipon natin ay pwede nating magastos at kung may pera na ay pwede nating palitan ang perang nag...Read More
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Agriculture is one of our country’s primary economic source of income. Many Filipinos still and most farmers say, enjoying living in rural areas and supporting their families throu...Read More
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This article summarises the main arguments of a critical literature that radically questions the neoclassical economic theory of state-market relations and identifies the fundament...Read More
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B. LiabilityExplanation:In accounting, liabilites are the resources that a company owes to another business or people. Unearned revenue is categorized as a liability because you ha...Read More
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B. Non-current assetExplanation:In accounting, the other assets is considered as non-current asset as it is not usable or convertible in cash in 1 year or operating cycle of the bu...Read More
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Ang migrasyon ay ang pagpunta o paglipat ng isang tao sa ibang bansa. Ito ay tumutukoy sa proseso ng pag-alis o paglipat mula sa isang lugar o teritoryong politikal patungo sa iba...Read More
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