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Filipino, 07.12.2020, reyquicoy4321
Yes, the most important in business are the people and their interests. If there are no costumers or people the business will fall apart. You need to list or make a research of mar...Read More
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English, 07.12.2020, reyquicoy4321
Formulate at least 6 guidlines in serving costumers. Explain each of the guidlines.​ Offer excellent quality products and services - Give the customer the best products and service...Read More
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Science, 07.12.2020, jbaningzzz
Mahalagang pag-aralan ang GNP at GDP ng ating bansa. Dahil dito, malalaman natin kung ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa ay lumalago o pabagsak.Explanation:Ano nga ba ang GNP at GDP? Ang...Read More
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Science, 07.12.2020, elaineeee
Para mabigyan ng pansin ng ibng tao ang problema na yan o issue.Dahil ang kakapusan at kakulangan kay isa rin sa issue sa bansa na halos wlang sulosyon....Read More
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Explanation:Maraming pamamaraan ang pwedeng maisagawa ng isang mamamayan upang malabanan ang kakapusan. Pero may apat na pangunahing pamamaraan na nangunguna sa iba, Ito ay ang Pag...Read More
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Subject EconomicsThe correct answer among the above listed choices is letter d. All of the above choices are a purpose or use of the books of accounts.Books of Accounts-these are t...Read More
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Science, 07.12.2020, ian2145
how does the change in supply affect your life?​It will not affect us it if the supply will increase, but if it will decrease, as a human being, it really so much affect us. If the...Read More
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Math, 07.12.2020, Axelamat
May kaugnayan ba ang pag unlad sa globalisasyon? Ang sagot ay oo, may kaugnayan ang pag unlad sa globalisasyon. Dahil sa tinatawag na globalisasyon ang ibat ibang kompanya sa buong...Read More
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Filipino, 07.12.2020, cleik
trade- a change of items to a needed itemmerchandising- buying what things are needed for your whole lifeExplanation:if they recommend you to trade you will trade an item that is i...Read More
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