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We cannot help you because we have to see the figure itself. instruction says use a protractor. only you can measure the angle of the figure provided to you. ...Read More
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Actually, 4 fourth is equal to 1: it's written in a form of: 4/4[tex]solution: [/tex][tex]3 + 4/4 + 2 + 1/3[/tex][tex]3 + 1 + 2 + 1/3[/tex][tex]6 + 1/3[/tex]answer: improper frac...Read More
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3p² - 4q²Step-by-step explanation:5p² - 3q² - (2p² + q²)5p² - 3q² - 2p² - q²3p² - 4q²Checking:5p² - 3q² - (3p² - 4q²)5p² - 3q² - 3p² + 4q²)2p² + q²...Read More
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