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Subject EconomicsThe correct answer among the listed choices is letter a.  Cash is considered the most liquid type of a current asset. This is a resource of a company that is readi...Read More
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a. current assetIn accounting, short-term investments are classified as a current asset because it is expected to be converted to cash within a year or normal operating cycle of th...Read More
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Ang tatlong sitwasyon na nagpapakita ng mga negatibong epekto ng pagtaas ng demand sa pamilihan ay ang pagtaas ng presyo ng mga bilihin, pagkukulang ng supply ng mga produkto sa pa...Read More
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a. increasing equityExplanation:In accounting, interest revenue is the amount of money gained from the interests of investments or money borrowed by other businesses or people. As...Read More
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Fish diseases can be caused by the following:• Red tide or the release of toxins and heat of the (body of water)• Global warming• People's negligence towards their responsibilty to...Read More
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