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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an application software which is used to display, visit and view websites or webpages. It can read languages that can be used to develop and create websites called HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language). Therefore, Google Chrome is called a web browser.  

Using Google Chrome can give you benefits (advantages) like: You can view websites and related websites by using search engine, a special page or code in the web browser that can help you find relevant websites related to what you are looking for. You can play flash based games and movies. You can download files from websites. You can use social media websites and communicate with your friends and loved ones. You can read and research websites which could be helpful in your homeworks. Somehow, Google Chrome has drawbacks (disadvantages): Google Chrome can be used to download malware, a malicous software which could damage your system. This can be obtain in torrent sites and other file sharing sites.  Google Chrome can contain harmful plugins which can be used to track your computer's information. Google Chrome can be used in cyberbullying especially when you spend too much time in social media. Google Chrome can be used in playing online games, thus, can cause games addictions. Google Chrome can be used to download annoying windows prompts or pop up windows.

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Who discovered google chrome? : Chrome's default search engine is Google Search. :


adavantage: you can search up anything and have answers

disadvantage: you can have a wrong info

You can edit with multiple authors at the same time as well as it automatically saves your presentation so there is no need of worrying about corrupt files. It can also be used side by side with Microsoft Powerpoint and with loads of template to choose from.

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