Ano ang magandang expectations sa teacher ?


My Expectations for Teachers are:

* Gives right direction to students.

* Must understand the mind and feelings of students.

* Must support students.

* Must always motivate students.

* Not responsible for completion of syllabus, but to teach good qualities in life, to bring out the good quality which is already there in their student and to improve it.

* Encourage students not only in studies but also in co curricular activities so that the student feels good and enjoy studies.

* Should teach how to live and solve life’s problems.

* Must not make fun of the student in front of whole class and student will not try again and obviously he or she can not do well.

* Must be capable of understanding situations and take relevant decision based on reality.

* Has greater stake on future of the country.

* Should find out strengths & weakness of students & should give feedback to students to improve on their weakness.

* One should not be partial (not biased).

* Has greater stake on future of the country.

* Be friendly. lastly;

* Teach by heart

My expectations are my teacher would be happy and felt loved because we surprised her and show her how we love her

(That's what I know)


my expectation for teachers is they are industrious,caring,kind,hardworking etc


because my expectation is what teacher do to me

I have the expectation for teacher to be gentle and understanding to their students

Step-by-step explanation:

Why? I have this teacher that treats us like her own children she's very understanding with us that is why we are good to her. But some of are teacher treat us bad that's we treat 'em the same way. My teacher just cursed me an hour ago. Should i report? Or not?

I expect that my teacher will share all her knowledge about this subject. I expect her to be kind and thoughtful about her students.


I was expecting for the understanding, respectful and loving teacher.

,They are very supportive,sometimes strict,and sometimes they are kind.


in this situation teachers are not expecting students to be good and perfect at their studies.

good in communicating others


So you have better environment in your classroom

That they can teach you well , and can help you improve your knowledge and skills.

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