2.What does Aristotle say about the Good life? Does it still stand in the contemporary world?


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Aristotle is known as a philosopher and scientist. He has great contributions in the society. He is also known for his quotable quotes. What does he say about the good life? Here is what Aristotle says about the good life and if it still stands in the contemporary world.

According the Aristotle, happiness and having a good life is about virtue. He considers the end of humans to be the good life. According to him, having a good life is having happiness or prosperity which can be accomplished by living a life according to virtue which is achieved by continually living in a virtuous manner or living with high moral standards.

This MUST still stand in the contemporary world because most people are being obsessed with material things. For most people, having a good life is being rich with material possessions. They miss to remember that happiness and having a good life is living a life that is consistent with having high moral standards.

That is the answer regarding the question: "What does aristotle say about the good life does it still stand in the contemporary world?" Since Aristotle is a philosopher, this is one description in knowing the answer regarding what is the good life according to philosophers.

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