Compass needles are tiny magnets than are free to indicate the north and south pole or a magnet? what do you need to do to know the magnets polarities


North-90 degrees N latitude
South- 90 degrees S latitude
if the poles are the same, they repel each other
if the poles are different, they actract each other
so you can find the N pole and S pole by testing it

Based on my learnings the answer is supposed to be the ozone layer. Aurora Borealis are also know as the northern lights which doesn't really protect us from harmful radiations. The North and South pole are just locations from the uppermost and lowermost parts of the Earth.

A. its Center


For the force of gravity pulls the object to the center of the earth.









Its correct answer im a tutor

 Move the compass towards the south end of the magnet near the flat surface. Observe the compass needle pointing towards the south pole of the bar magnet.

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