In what ways do plants and animals different?


They difference are the plants can live without animals but, animal can't live without plants. Because, plant can make their own fool while the animals are need some oxygen and etc.
Plants need sunlight to produce and they need the right soil for them to grow and some plants can reproduce when we plant seeds. While some animals can reproduce by their gender and we don't need to do something so that they can reproduce.
Growing, reproduce, kind and characteristic.

answer:i n ovary of female of plant



isa isa lang


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answer: Plants and animals depend upon each other as mutual interdependence is must for their survival. Plants provide shelter for animals and they make oxygen for the animals to live. When animals die they decompose and become natural fertilizer plants. Plants depend on animals for nutrients, pollination and seed dispersal.


To the structure of their cell's part because plants can only reproduced chloroplast, lysosome,and plastids while animals are only reproduces vacuole and plasmodesmata.
In cells, reproduction, structure, purpose, the way they interact and etc.

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