What will happen to the organism if any of the parts of the kidney is injured or


Your hands or feet may swell. You will feel tired and weak because your body needs clean blood to function properly. Untreated uremia may lead to seizures or coma and will ultimately result in death. If your kidneys stop working completely, you will need to undergo dialysis or kidney transplantation.
The whole part of the body will get affected and weaken. it can also affect blood circulation and may cause to death if not treated.
The kidney will suffer and it can  malfunction
It will work properly.It may lead to the failure of the system or in worse cases death
It will not function properly or not do its job to your body.
It will die f course and i think?
It can't function and the whole parts will be affected

The organism will have trouble removing waste from its body.This might cause vommiting, abdominal pain, and kidney failure.

The filtering function of the kidney will not be able to clean the blood which can result to toxicity.

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