Scientist who contribute on the electromagnetic wave theory


Michael Faraday (1791-1867) is probably best known for his discovery of electromagnetic induction, his contributions to electrical engineering and electrochemistry or due to the fact that he was responsible for introducing the concept of field in physics to describe electromagnetic interaction.

Albert Einstein

1879-1955German-born theoretical physicist who formulated the special and general theories of relativity. Famous mass equivalence formulae of E=mc2. Awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics.


Alessandro Volta


Italian physicist best known for the development of the voltaic pile (battery). SI unit of voltage, the volt is named after him.


Alexander Graham Bell


Scottish scientist and inventor. Famous for his work on the telephone.


André Marie Ampère

1775-1836French physicist who worked on electromagnetism. The SI unit of current, the ampere is named after him.


Benjamin Franklin


Founding Fathers of the United States, author, politician, printer, scientist, philosopher, publisher, inventor, civic activist, and diplomat. Invented the lightning rod and the famous kite experiment.

James Clerk Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz
Magnetician,magnetic force

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