On activity 3 head on collision in science
q17: what do you think may happen to the leading edge of plate a as it continues to move downward? why?


The leading edge of oceanic plate will melt if it contiues to move downward because the temperature to the crust is higher.
The crust well bend toward the mantle,becaue of the subduction process.
Plate A is oceanic edge Plate b is continental edge 16. It can form a volcanic arc 17. 18. Magma 19. Mountain building 20. Earthquakes will occur
It will reach the mantle and at the same time the plate A will melted
if the leafing edge of a plate continues to move downward and reaches the asthenosphere it will be melted and becomes a part of the molten material which we call as magma

in might goes downward towards to the mantle and it will melt

15.Plate A is oceanic plate and plate B is Continental plate. Because plate A has a characteristics of water and B has a characteristics of land

16.It subducts or move downward

17.it melts. Because of high temperature in mantel

18. Its magma

19. A volcano

20. An earthquake

1. Plate A is an oceanic plate because it is relatively thinner compared to plate B. Plate B is continental plate because it is thicker and floats higher than the other plate.

2. Plates A bends downward because Plate A is denser than Plate B

explain: this sinking of plate beneath the other plate is called subduction. Because of subduction process a depression on the ocean floor called trench are also formed.

3. The leading edge of plate A will start to melt because the temperature beneath the crust (mantle) is higher

As the plate moves deeper into the mantle, it carries with it water which is also causes the melting of rocks

4. the semi molten rock is called magma

5. Volcanoes

6. Earthquake could take place as the plates continue to grind against each other



The rocks will melt and it'll (rocks) become magma causing a volcano to erupt.

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