When the cardboard is at rest, how do the magnitudes and directions of the pair of forces acting on it compare


The magnitudes are equal while directions are opposite.
The force of the table where it is placed is UPWARD force and the DOWNWARD force is the gravity so they give the same energy which makes the cardboard stay at rest 
If you draw the lines of action of all the forces acting on the board and extended the lines,what will you get
If a body is at rest ... or traveling at a constant speed in a straight line ... there could well be millions of forces acting on it. The only conclusion you can draw from the fact that it has no acceleration is that all the forces acting on it must add up to zero.
For any object to be at rest the Forces acting on it must be EQUAL in magnitude and OPPOSITE in direction.

when the cardboard is at rest, the MAGNITUDE of the pair of forces acting on it are EQUAL and the DIRECTION are directly OPPOSITE each other..

When an object (cardboard) is at rest, only 2 forces are acting on it: Gravitational Force and Support Force.

The Gravitational Force pulls the object down, while its reaction force (Support Force) pushes it up.

Example: A book is at rest on a table. Gravity is pulling the book down to the ground, but the table that it's on is supporting it (pushing it up).



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There is the gravitational weight force accelerating it downards, caused by the mass of the earth directed towards the centre of mass, downwards.

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