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Ano ano ang ibat ibang uri ng planeta


The idea that every single human being has good and evil with them

kapag may sasabog na bulkan,o kung gumagalaw yung mga bato sa ilalim ng lupa


nangyayari ito kapag may maaaring sumabong sa bulkan o gumalaw yung mga malalaking bato sa ilalim ng lupang ibabaw

in astronomy, the core belief is that the world is just the mirror images of the events happening in the heaven. but this a common debate for the western astrologers.   one of the beliefs is the celestial formation. they believe that the position of this objects shows influence on human affairs. however, this belief lacks of concrete evidence.

If you were inspired by the movie frozen and have been wishing you could turn water to ice instantly or build ice sculptures in seconds just like elsa, you’re in luck!

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