Solution in house what can you help for me now


paghuhugas ng pinggan, paglilinis ng bahay

If you are still a child you can help with simple chores, like sweeping the floor.

The older you get the bigger your responsibility doing chores.

We are taught how to do different house chores by our parents or older brothers and sisters



Like washing dishes,cook,carry a bucket of water,clean the house,ETC

Eating im pro :> awidaowmdaiwmdamwdawdawd


washing plates, washing cloath, sweeping



washing clothes,wash dishes,clean house,cook rice,etc


mag lampaso mag hugas nang plato tas mag walis


bubu ka

1. yes. washing the dishes,mopping floors,etc.


3.someone who's interested on it.

1.Yes, so that my mom doesn't suffer too much.

2.I can clean the house,wash the dished and by taking care of my youngest sibling.

3.My mama can teach me or maybe my older sibling.


Salt and water = SH2O

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