What difficulty will you encounter if you only have data from two recording stations ?


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the process of converting the information in messenger rna into a sequence of amino acids that make a protein is known as translation. as translation begins, mrna binds to a ribosome. then, trna molecules, each carrying a specific amino acid, approach the ribosome. the trna anticodon pairs with the first mrna (start) codon arginine-uracil-guanine (aug), to form the initiation complex. the two molecules temporarily join together. usually, the first codon on mrna is aug, which codes for the amino acid methionine. aug signals the start of protein synthesis. then, the ribosome slides along the mrna to the next codon.


Assuming that two circles will intersect, the circle will intersect at two points. Therefore, there will be twi locations that could possibly be the epicenter.

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