How would you compare the energy carried by a 220-Hz sound wave to the energy carried by a 440-Hz sound wave


The organism might result to bad disease, or mostly to occur is to failure of the work in the organism... making it hard to stand out.., when your part of the kidney malfunctioned , most parts in the organism will also result to malfunctioning causing bad results like blindness, and hard-peeing...


The cell theory posits

1. All organism contains one or more cell (bacteria being unicellular and humans being multicellular)

2. Cells are the smallest structural and functional units of living beings - humans and bacteria are/is composed of cells

3. All cells come from preexisting cells - bacteria divides by binary fission which creates a daughter cell from the original cell; the human cell divides by mitosis to produce a daughter cell in which, again, came from its original cell

answer Metal expands when heated. Length, surface area and volume will increase with temperature. ... The degree of thermal expansion varies with different types of metal. Thermal expansion occurs because heat increases the vibrations of the atoms in the metal.


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B. rotation of earth on it's axis

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