Do you think that Earth can exist without human beings taking care of it? Or biodiversity also needs human beings for it to be a cantinuous growing process?




One simple but profound answer is that all of us need to breathe, drink and eat. These are all benefits that are fundamentally provided by biodiversity. But the reasons to pause and consider the value of maintaining our country’s biodiversity are broader than this.

First of all, what exactly do we mean by biodiversity? Biodiversity collectively describes the vast array of approximately 9 million unique living organisms (including Homo sapiens) that inhabit the earth, together with the interactions amongst them.

The concept includes every species of bacteria, virus, plant, fungi, and animal, as well as the diversity of genetic material within each species. It also encompasses the diverse ecosystems the species make up and the ongoing evolutionary processes that keep them functioning and adapting.

We can’t get by without it

Without these organisms, ecosystems and ecological processes, human societies could not exist. They supply us with oxygen and clean water. They cycle carbon and fix nutrients. They enable plants to grow and therefore to feed us, keep pest species and diseases in check and help protect against flooding and regulate the climate.

Loss of species could compromise the ecosystem services we rely on. CSIRO

These benefits are known as ecosystem services. A functioning natural world also provides a living for farmers, fishers, timber-workers and tourism operators to name but a few. So biodiversity keeps us alive, but there are other less tangible benefits.

Recreation such as fishing or hiking, the aesthetic beauty of the natural world and our spiritual connection with nature; the cultural values we place on plants and animals such as the kangaroo and emu on the Australian coat of arms - these are all benefits of biodiversity.

Research suggests that natural environments have direct and positive impacts on human well-being, despite the highly-urbanised modern lifestyles that most of us live. Mental-health benefits from exercising in natural environments have been are greater than those gained by exercising in the synthetic environment of the gym. Mood and self-esteem benefits are even greater if water is present.

The value that humans gain from biodiversity reminds us that, despite being predominantly urban, we are still intrinsically part of the natural world. We are a component of and therefore dependent on the ecosystem. This has led to the global concerns around anthropogenic biodiversity loss.


yes it is


cause human was existing in a planet name earth

answer: Well to be exact... We humans just roam around Earth finding resources for us to live. We're actually the ones causing problems to Earth by pollution. But if we weren't here on Earth, Earth can exist more or less because there are less problems for Earth but due to storms and abnormal occurrences like flash floods and land slides will lead to almost death and extinction to other living things and animals. Well, my answer is neither of them because we will never know what could happen in the future. Earth somewhat recovers because of the help of the people who wants to help Earth. But Earth still survived through the dinosaur age where there aren't any people living in it yet.


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