Was your prediction accurate?


wag Kang mag tanung ndii ko Alam dyan


hiraaap Ng module

prediction 15 actual 23

it clearly says that with your parents or any member of the family so dont ask here because ot os better if you ask your parents or a member of your family





same answer may answer ka?


Ano po yung story? How po masagutan if di po namin alam ying story?

1. d c her oes will come and am bush him

2. they went to find what is the ma p sa ying

3. the god dess pro ve that they are strong so the exe cut ed the gi ant sna ke

4. the pet s will be able to ta lk and plan a par ty

5. the be ar wo n eve n the exter minator was too diffi cult to get lo se


thats all hope it helps❤

sibuyas at kamitis haha

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