Benefits of separating mixtures through filtration


When the substances in a mixture have different particle sizes they are separated by filtration.
It will be clean because if you look at it at first it looks like clean but it is not there re many hidden germs is the water that is why it goes yo filtration
It can help us separate milk from water

Through this, we can have a clean and filtered drinking water.

This is used also to separate the solid particles from the liquid.

We can also filter the water that have wastes before letting it out from factories or buildings for us not to be harmed or poisoned.


The benefit we get when separating mixture through filtration is having clean and drinkable water.

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disease discovery and treat ment,useful metals from ores,clean water for various purposes, essentials oils for medicine

-it clears water
-it is useful for discovering things
-it is use for making treatments and other things

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