As a student how will you use your social media to ensure that you do not propagate inaccurate and unreliable information?


Our globalization today, are full of technologies. So there is no way that you cannot use those technologies. One of the common technology are "Cellphones".

As a user and a netizen, we should be responsible in using this technology, especially in social media. Because social media is a public that could everyone can see. So you must to Think Before You Click. Because don't post anything that you dont want to say in public and that can hurt someone feelings and also can make the person's reputation can be discriminated.

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use social media with Respectful and think wisely before posting your timeline.


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time is worthwhile don't waste it only in social media sites there are things that worth to do.


1.Do not post photos or videos that could damage your reputation.

2.Do not post personal information.

3.Do not trash-talk other people.

4.Turn on your privacy settings.

5.Should you interact with your students online?

6.Protect your student's privacy.

7.Think before you post.

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