Calculate the heat loss by 30 grams of copper if it is cooled from 45 degrees celsius to 20 degrees celsius.

Use the Heat Equation.​



Fungi eating plastic?

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Guava as an substitute for anti pain or inflammatory supplement

answer: tropic and tropical


the tropics are the region of the earth surrounding the equator. they are delimited in latitude by the tropic of cancer in the northern hemisphere at 23°26′12.1″ (or 23.43668°) n and the tropic of capricorn in the southern hemisphere at 23°26′12.1″ (or 23.43668°) s; these latitudes correspond to the axial tilt of the earth. the tropics are also referred to as the tropical zone and the torrid zone (see geographical zone). the tropics include all the areas on the earth where the sun contacts a point directly overhead at least once during the solar year (which is a subsolar point) - thus the latitude of the tropics is roughly equal to the angle of the earth's axial tilt.

Dwarfism may arise if the pituitary gland is not producing enough growth hormones..

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seismic waves- the energy that radiates in all directions from the focus in the form of waves

1. body waves

a. p-waves- travels faster than the s-wave, also called compressional waves, they travel through solid, liquid and gas

b. s-waves- travels slower than a p-wave through earth and solid, moves as shear or transverse waves, cannot travel through any liquid medium

2. surface waves

a. love wave- faster than rayleigh wave, it moves the ground in a side to side horizontal motion

b. rayleigh wave- it moves the ground either up and down or side to side similar to the direction of the wave's movement

q1. surface waves can only travel through the surface of the earth while the body waves can travel through the earths inner layers

q2. body waves because it can travel through earths interior and have a higher frequency than the surface waves

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