The natural sciences are divided into two groups:
select one:
a. physical and life science
b. life and death science
c. life and meteorological science
d. rocket and physical science


d. structure and internal organization
c. focus on the society accompanied with scientific method.
b. society as creating the science.

The answers for the following questions can be seen below:

1.   B. Philosophy

2.   C. Philosophy

3.   False

4.   False

5.   True

6.   A. Social World

7.   B. Society and Human Behavior

8.   B. Philosophy and psychology

9.   D. interest in human behavior

10. Claude Lévi-Strauss, a post-war French anthropologist

Physical Ocean. Physical oceanography is the study of the physical properties and dynamic processes of the oceans.


B.biological science and physical science

Because these sciences are important to study. And can also be used to be taught in the future



1) No life

2) what the-?

3) Yes life (Hibeejibees)

4) Science in water.


1. \: \: B. \: \: Philosophy \\2. \: \: C. \: \: Philosophy \\ 3. \: \: False \\ 4. \: \: False \\ 5. \: \: True \\ 6. \: \: A. \: \: Social \: World \\ 7. \: \: B. \: \: Society \: and \: Human \: Behavior \\ 8. \: \: B. \: \: Philosophy \: and \: Psycholoy \\ 9. \: \: D. \: \: Interest \: in \: human \: behavior \\ 10. \: \: Claude \: Levi - Strauss


A. Physical and Life Science

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