TEST YOURSELF: Direction: Write the word TRUE if the statement is stating the fact, and word

FALSE if it is not.

1. Magnitude measures the amount of energy released by the earthquake.

2. Seismogram is an instrument used to record the shaking of the ground.

3. Deep focus earthquakes cause more damage than the shallow earthquake

because of its depth.

4. Energy is released from the focus and travels into the deepest layer of the

earth such as the inner core.

5. Once earthquake occurs, the vibration of the ground can be felt more if it is

near the epicenter.

6. If intensity IV of an earthquake is recorded, it would have caused numerous

landslides and rockfalls occur near the mountainous and hilly areas.

7. Magnitude 5 is 10 times stronger than magnitude ​



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1.) T

2.) T

3.) F

4.) F

5.) T

6.) T

7.) F










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