How can you relate the bible and a church through an object?

e. g. a tree, let's say that the bible is the roots, and the church is its leaves. because of the bible, the church exists all because of the word of god.


The church's councils were never gone it just changed its name. From the 1st Vatican Council to the 2nd varican Council.


As I have said the councils were never gone the better answer is. If the councils remain like as of the past? Well if that happens everything would be traditional. There will be no changes in the rites. Modernism will not grow and etc.

its because that is the place where we thank god

First, the church is there to worship God. The Bible says that is the chief reason people are created. We are created in the image of God and for his pleasure, therefore when the church worships together we come into the presence of the Lord.

Sana makatulong


I think no. As for me, the reaaon for the existence of the church is to let us know that God truly exists and that He comes to the world to forgive and save us from sin.

The BIBLE is the roots and the church is the leaves because  the bible is the starting point or the genisis and the church is the effect on its change

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