Your father gets into the car to go to the market is stepping on the accelerator the car accelerates at 2.5 m per second squared. what will his velocity after 10 seconds. how far did he travel​


it is a repeatition of sound if you shout on a mountain you will hear the words you shouted

1. The power in delivering the load is 13,230 Watts.

2. The power developed from a jumbo jet is 25 Mega Watts or 25x10^{6} Watts.


Power is the time rate at which work is done.

Useful Conversions:

1 horsepower (hp) = 550

1 hp =746 Watts

Formula for Power is:

P=\frac{W}{t}                         equation 1

P=\frac{W}{t} =\frac{F.s}{t} =Fv      equation 2


P     is power, unit is in Watts (metric) or horsepower, hp (British system)

W    is work, unit is in Newton-meter (N.m) or Joules (J)

v      is velocity, unit is in m/s

t      is time, unit is in seconds

Formula for Work is:



W     is work done on a body, unit is in N.m or Joules

F     is force, unit is in Newtons (N)

s      is the distance, unit is in meters (m)

Formula for Force is:



F     is the force, unit is in Newtons (N)

m     is the mass, unit is in kg

g      is the acceleration due to gravity equal to 9.8 \frac{m}{s^{2} }

1. Solving for the power for problem #1 with the following given:

P=?,   m=1800kg,   s=15m,   t=20s

a. Solve first for the force, we get:



F= 17640N

b. Then, substitute the force to solve for work, we get:




c. Now, substitute the answer of work to the formula for power, we get:



P=13,230 Watts

2. Solving for power in problem #2 with the following given:

P=?,   v=250m/s,   F=100,000N

a. Solving the power using equation 2, we get:

P=\frac{W}{t} =\frac{F.s}{t} =Fv



P=25,000,000 Watts or

P=25MW or mega Watts

For more information about Power, just click on the following links:

* More example about power, work and force


* Relationship between power, work and energy


* Real life application for work, energy and power



25 m


you just have to multiply 2.5 and 10 to get you answer

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