In what particular field intelligence can you consider your self as a virtuoso or an expert?


I think aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurances, flexibility, body composition, exercise, physical activities, physical fitness, these are all example of physical fitness.

A.  it is a form of direct observation used during pe classes, measures activity, lesson context and teacher behavior.

yan po ang sagot sa oed

It's not about intelligence, it's about how well you answer a question


To be virtuoso you need to have 500 point and 5 brainlest, and Only users who stand out, who, in addition to high activity, have also excellent reviews and opinions of other users, can obtain this rank. Our users have repeatedly found answers provided by these people to be the best, and that's why you can always expect high quality of answers from them.

To be an Expert you need to have 1000 point ans 10 brainlest, and you are A perfect user! Verified by many others. The provider of the highest quality of answers.

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