Similarities of filipino and korean instruments?


the song harmony at good rhythm








I think or my opinion is drums

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Apart from February being the perfect time to visit Baguio, it also gave the city its very own festival, one to rival other cities in the Philippines. September 1 is the city’s off...Read More
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Music, 21.11.2019, hellcrack777
the song is a request from a lady who lost her ring given by her mother. she will give her heart to a man who can find the beloved ring.....Read More
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Just sing at a comfortable pitch and try to sing a bit softer. Don't try to sing to loudly or out of your singing range (too high or too low). You should warm up your voice before...Read More
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It is originally written by Rom Dongete for Buklod's album but was picked up by Noel Cabangon. Then the song became part of Bamboo's album in 2007.#answerForTrees...Read More
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Music, 25.11.2019, kenn14
S - special and sacred for Southeast AsiansO - overwhelmed native ancestors composed themU - uniqueT - traditional (most of them)H - Hindu inspired (only some)E - ethnicity is neve...Read More
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