Would you consider komedya as being adaptable to different regions of the Philippines?why or why not?​



The selected musics were from different periods and composer. It also introduces another variety or type of music that will greatly be used as another example of the specific description. Music back then were categorized by the focus of every periods. Like for example, in Renaissance church had political power and had to limit the music choices for it was or it may had been unnecessary that time.

Periods in Music:

Renaissance(1400-1600)- most music were for the churchBaroque(1600-1750)- freedom from the church’s grasp; more musical freedomClassical(1750-1820)- elegance, nobility

The selected musics and its description (via Melody; Tempo; Dynamics; Texture; Period)

John Dowland Fine Knacks for Ladies- Simple/Tuneful; Slow; Mostly Soft; Monophonic; RenaissanceG.F. Handel Halleluia Chorus- Simple/Tuneful; Moderate; Mostly Soft; Homophonic; Baroque  L.V. Beethoven Symphony No.9, Op. 125, D Minor “Choral” Symphony No. 9-Complex; Fast; Mostly Loud; Polyphonic; Classical

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Describe the music of the classical period:

Renaissance Music:

Baroque music characteristics:


Arirang is koreas unnoficial national anthem.yet noone is sure when the song arose nor what the title means.



Because it is adapted in different regions of the Philippines. And komedya is known well as Bodabil is if that is the topic you meant. Sorry if it is not helpful for I have not tackled or got this kind of question in music class

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