The numerator of a fraction is 15 less than twice its denominator. if the numerator is increased by 5 and the denominator is increased by 7, the new fraction will be equal to 2/3. what is the original fraction?


) Nine subtracted from a number gives

21 241 Terry the cat is this the

Find the number

If the Frence in their ages is

13 Six subtracted from a number is equal to

how old is each ca

one-fourth of the sum of the number and

25) A father is twice as old as his son the sur

45. Find the number

of the ages is 99 years. Find their ages

JA Eleven less than two-thirds of the sum of

26) A boy's age is one fourth that of his other

twice a number and nineteen, is 95. Find the

After 24 years the boy will be half the age of


his father. Find the present ages

15) The sum of one-fourth, one-ninth and one-


third of a number is 25. Find the number.

27) A rectangle has a perimeter of 95 cm


length is twice its breadth. Find it

vio) The numerator of fraction is 1 less than its


denominator. If the numerator is increased

28) A square paper is folded into half

by 4 and the denominator is increased by 5,

breadthwise. The perimeter of the rectangle

formed is 12 cm. What is the area of the

the new fraction becomes equivalent to


What is the original fraction?




29) The length of a rectangle is 14 cm more

17) If is added to a number and the sum is

than its breadth. If the perimeter is 448 cm

multiplied by 2, the answer is


What is the

find the dimensions of the rectangle



30) The sides of a triangle, taken in order, are

18) Mala gave Kamala half the number of

each 3 cm longer than the preceding side

sweets she had. She then had 7 sweets left.

If the perimeter of the triangle is 81 cm

How many sweets did Mala have at the start?

find the length of its sides.

19) Half a block of wood plus 6 kg weighs the


same as the block of wood. What is the 31) In a cinema hall, 300 tickets were sold for a

weight of the block?

total of 32,000. If the tickets were of two

denominations of 80 and 7120, how many

20) In a town, where the population is 90,000,

of each were sold?

the male population is two-thirds the female

population. Find the male and female 32) Alima has 76 coins, a mix of 50 p and 25 p



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The original fraction is 5 5/7
I think the orihinal fraction is 15/21.

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