1. andrea had 5000 pesos for shopping money. when she got home, she had 246.75 in her pocket. how much did she spend for shopping?
2. mr. lim has 14 2/5 liters of gasoline in his car. he wants to travel far so he added
17 1/2 liters more. how many liters of gasoline is in his tank?
3. a recipe calls for 1 3/4 cups flour and the only measuring implement you have, holds 1/4 of a cup. how many 1/4 cups of flour would you need to follow the recipe?




the answer is 4 ;)

1) 1

2) 4


4) 16


6) 13 rd of a cup means there are three 13 of a cup, per cup

7) 2

8) 1/4 cup measuring

9) 2

10) 2

11) 2

12) 4




16) 60secs


18) 30mins



4753.25 pesos,31 9/10L of gasoline,7cups

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