The total cost for playing paintball is php 100 per gun for rent and php 1000 per 2000 paintballs. assuming only 2000 paintballs is allowed for team who will play, which of the following function notation matches the situation? select one: a. p(x) = 100 + 2000x b. p(x) = 2000x + 100x c. p(x) = 100x + 2000 d. p(x) = 2000 - 100x


For problems involving algebra, you have to formulate algebraic equations to be able to solve the problem. Algebraic equations are mathematical terms which include variables to denote the unknown numbers. 

For this problem, you are to find the total cost which consists of cost for the gun rent and cost for the paintballs. Hence, your equationmust consist of two terms. The equation must be:

Total cost = 100x  + 1000

The term x denotes the number of guns. Hence, it must be multiplied with 100 to determine the cost. On the otherhand, the constant 1000 is for the paintballs. Since it was given that each team must have 2000 paintballs, then it follows that they must pay 1000 Php.
Let: x = no. of paint guns rented
f(x) = total cost

f(x) = 100x + 1000
If x is the number or paintballs, then the total cost is represented by f(x):

f(x) = Php 100 + Php 1,000  (x/2000)


f(x) = 100 + 1000 (x/2000)

because training and then we can go to the gym


Step-by-step explanation:

If buy 2000 paintball how many but 3 =9e is equals to 7

5100 the function nation matches in the situation
1000 is divide by 10 is 100 so 2000 divided by 100
The answers is c. P(x)=100x+2000

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