Difference between function and relation


Function is a set x to a set y is a rule that assigns to each x in X one and only element of Y. Non functions that has many element in Y

When psychology was first established as a science separate from philosophy, the debate over how to explain human behavior and analyze the mind began. The first two psychological theories to emerge during this time were structuralism and functionalism. While neither theory exists today, both made important contributions to the development of modern psychology.

Step-by-step explanation:

A function depends whether on x and y

Relation is the x and y itself.

For Example: [ 1 family, 2 kids]

function y = x + 1  


x = family

y = kids

relation (1,2)

1 family, 2 kids

Simply put, the difference is that non-functional requirements describe how the system works, while functional requirements describe what the system should do. ... Some typical non-functional requirements are: Performance – for example Response Time, Throughput, Utilization, Static Volumetric. Scalability


Functional consequences are concrete outcomes of a product that are tangible (satisfying hunger), whereas psychosocial consequences are more abstract and subjective (how a product makes you feel) Below, the Rolex ad symbolizes psychosocial consequences.


Divisional business because the business organisation is divided into components that are given responsibilities based on operational requirements. Each division handles a specific operational area or set of strategic objectives.


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difference between Functional business organization and divisional business organization? Which in y


functional arts are arts who functions while non functional are not


Functional art represents fine art which serves utilitarian purposes. ... As a functional artwork of art, an object is considered to be designed and created primarily from the point of view of use and at the same time to have its own aesthetic or artistic aspect.

To me, non-functional art is art that cannot perform its purpose i.e. it cannot be seen or it doesn't have an audience. ... Also, art continues to function even after it no longer exists e.g. we still have images of works that have been stolen or destroyed. Works continue to play a role in our culture.

Relation is any set of ordered pairs in mathematical quanitity while a Function is relation which has no first coordinate that is repeated, like one-to-one and many-to-one.

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