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Henry can write 5 1/4 pages of his novel in 3 hours
at this rate how many pages can he write in 8 hours?


aδ = \frac{bh}{2}

210 = \frac{28h}{2}

210 *2=28h

420 =28h

\frac{420}{28} = \frac{28h}{28}

15 = h

answer: 15cm


what is the underlined number in each ? pls comment and i will reply

14 pages

Step-by-step explanation:

In 3 hours Henry can write 5 1/4 or 5.25 pages.

So, In 1 hour Henry can write 5.25/3 pages

= 1.75 pages

Now, In 8 hour Henry can write 1.75 × 8 pages.

In 8 hour Henry can write 14 pages.



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