Suppose we are interested in bidding on a piece of land and we know one other bidder is interested. The seller announced that the highest bid in excess of $10,400 will be accepted. Assume that the competitor's bid is a random variable that is uniformly distributed between 10,400 and 15,400 .



1+1-1x1/1? vovo ako baka ikaw alam mo. hehe

Step-by-step explanation:

Ganito gawin nyo
1. s                        premise
2. ~(~s)                double negation
3. (~r) v (~s)          premise
4.~r                      2,3, disjunctive syllosigm
5. or                    premise 
6. p                        4,5, disjunctive syllogism

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yan ang sagot base sa oed genmath ^_^


c. (but i assumed that the "2" in the choices means a / or a divide). and try to find some other answers, i'm not confident.

step-by-step explanation:

try to find the set of the center of the ellipse considering the vertices are given. which i found the answer as (2,4) because it is the middle of the two vertices in a horizontal line.

then outline the radius with the given of minor axis which would you finally give the clue of the final form of the ellipse, in a graph though. in standard formula,

(x-h)/a^2+(y-k)/b^2.. and i choose the answer c because i just assume that both were positive givens or center so i just search for an answer which has a negative (h,k)

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