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Find the mode of the following

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answer: what did you saystep-by-step explanation:...Read More
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Imposible tong sagutin kasi wala namang figure at tsaka walang nakakaalam kung ano ba yan, quadrilateral ba yan, rhombus ba yan, kung ano man yan....Read More
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299 is the 45th term.a1 = -9d = 7n = 45a45 = ?Formula: an = a1 + (n-1) dInput the terms: a45 = -9 + (45-1) (7)a45 = -9 + 308a45 = 299#JuneChallenge...Read More
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EXAMPLESBefore noon the next day the gardener was admitted to the palace. "I miss my friend Wynn," she admitted softly....Read More
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          What is the Independent Variable?An independent variable is exactly what it sounds like. It is a variable that stands alone and isn't changed by the other variables you a...Read More
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