What is the cumulative frequency of the median class​

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Math, 28.10.2019, ian2145
all you have to do is graph the points on a coordinate plane and then you put your pencil on the point and count up till you arrive at the line your point is sitting on, then you c...Read More
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Math, 28.10.2019, reyquicoy4321
I'll just randomly say that there are a total of a hundred males and 25 do smoke and the rest doesn't.solution: 25/100 = 0.25 or 1/4...Read More
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Math, 02.11.2019, elaineeee
so 1 peson = 40 hoursnow for the moment of truththe answer is 3. repeating hoursbut we can still solve it cuz we are talking bout' timeso if 40/12 is 3 and three is the remainderan...Read More
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Math, 14.11.2019, kelly072
559.35Step-by-step explanation:A= P (1+r/n)^ntP= 495r= 0.03n= 1t= 4A= 495 (1+(0.03/1)^(1×4)A = 495 ( 1.03)^4A = 495 (1.13)A = 559.35...Read More
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