Agrarian issues in the philippines​


hardwork ,maging masipag at matiyaga wag tayung feeling mayaman kahit hndi pero pwedeng maging o mag act pobre kahit hndi.

Explanation:dahil sa paraang  ganyan maiiasang maging  selfcentered


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Despite decades of research on agrarian reform, there is apparently still no consensus about the role agrarian reforms play in achieving the overall development goal of growth with equity and participation.

In order to be able to formulate an appropriate policy for the benefit of the rural population in developing countries, politicians, local leaders, administrators and social scientists need objective and reliable studies and accurate information about the potential and actual impacts, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, the author stresses the need for impact assessment in order to provide decision-makers with arguments in support of agrarian reform.

It seems, however, rather doubtful that these arguments will be convincing. If there is no real drive for reform, experts can produce expensive demonstration projects, but they will not be able to achieve any general and genuine improvement in the position of cultivators.

This can only come from pressure groups, such as members of advocacy non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and political organizations and sympathetic reform officials. In the author's opinion, these two groups are in urgent need of arguments and facts that prove that agrarian reform will, at least in the long run, alleviate rural poverty and benefit the rural communities and, therefore, the country as a whole.

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