Why did the mother leave? Do you understand this decision? Would you have left as well? Why or why not? in Safe house Story


Once a mother have given birth, a mother has to support that child until her very death, no, i don't understand that very well, i mean why would you ditch your choices, i mean having a child was literally your choice, no, i wouldn't because no matter what tough times might flow in, you have to keep fighting and don't ditch em' 
My mom she past away 
Most of women worked to provide the needs of their children, they helped their husband , and to fulfill the dreams of their children,.
Kasi kailangan nilang magsakripisyo para sa kanilang anak. para mapagaral nila ang kanilang mga anak

because it's up to your mother if she had a work,yes because I love him,yes if someday I had a work

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