Was the darfur confict a genocide?


Republic Act No. 10121



pagkamatay ng maraming tao at pagkasira ng mga gusali

Ang tradisyong ng mga kristiyano ay ang pagsimba tuwing linggo pray before sleep and celebrating a christmas

during the time of wwii, the philippines was actually under the u.s. commonwealth. when the war broke out, more than 250,000 filipinos were enlisted to fight the battle. at that time, the u.s. military promised full veterans benefits for all the filipinos who served in the war. after the victory of the allied forces, a tragic twist was about to spin the lives of the embattled filipino soldiers. in 1946, president harry truman signed what’s called the “recission act,” stripping away the promise of full veterans benefits for the filipino veterans. inspite of fighting the war side-by-side with the american forces, and all the suffering and sacrifices that they had to endure during that time, the filipino veterans were “forgotten” and left down the drain.

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