What will happen if you eat too much street foods?


Obesity is the outcome of eating too much food and a person eating insufficient amount of food may end up being malnourished and/or diagnosed with Anorexia.

maarari kang magkaramdam ng pananakit ng ngipin at pagkaroon ng cavities sa pagkain ng maraming candies at pwede din itong ikasira ng iyong ngipin kapag di naagapan.


di ko alam sa chips tho maybe same lang sila

If you are eating little food, you probably aren't getting enough minerals or vitamins that your body needs to function healthily and due to this, your Normal bodily things like menstruation would stop. I hope that this question of yours is out of curiosity and not because you actually are eating too little.

Like me, you eat too much food and take too little exercise. Then, like me, you end up with limited life expectancy. If you just ate too much fried chicken one time, all that might happen would be temporary gastrointestinal issues. You can eat too much of anything if you do so rapidly.

eating too much added sugarcan have negative health


you will have a stomach ache


cause you eat too much of food

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1.you just need to eat the exact dinner lunch or snack.Sometimes its ok to eat too much.

2.your stomach will hurt

3.to get healthy

4.yes.its ok to eat too much food but not so much.


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1. No, especially junk foods it can cause UTI.

2.You will become fat and unhealthy.

3.We need to eat nutritious food to support our digestive system and our body. It will also make you healthy and strong.

4. No, because it can harm my body and make me sick.

It can cause cancer because of the germs in the food

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