17. What environmental law is also known as "The Forestry Reform Code"? A. P. D. 289 C. P. D. 1219 B. P. D. 704 D. P. D. 1067​


The WHO lists several areas of concern related to the health issues in the world


The list includes the following:

air pollution and climate change; noncommunicable diseases like diabetes and cancer; a global influenza pandemic; “fragile and vulnerable settings”;anti-microbial resistance; ebola and other high-threat pathogens; weak primary health care; “vaccine hesitancy”; dengue; HIV or human immunodeficiency virus

If I were to reorder it in terms of urgency in the Philippines settings it would be: 7 2 1 8 9 10 5 3 6 4, in order of urgency. I believe that we have a weak health care system which allows for medical services to not reach the vulnerable sectors of our society--hence I put in as last, they don't seem to be the priority but in fact they are because we want to address the root of the issue. Diabetes and cancer are leading causes of death in the Philippines as well and diabetes is largely preventable as well as some forms of cancer. Most cancers can also be treated if detected early. This ties up again to a strong healthcare system.

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Previous focus of WHO:


1. Social Media

2. Curiosity

3. Not supported Child

4. No proper guidance to the child

5. Influenced by the society

For me I can do to our community is by helping our barangay councils to plant a tree and to recycle all tge plastic

The legal union of man and woman as husband and wife is "Marriage"


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