Ano ang rock structure? may kaugnayan ba ito sa landform?


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B Fossil Correlation


Because the Continental Drift is The concreat of science


similar rock structures on previously connected land masses because the same geological and environmental forces would have acted on these land areas in the past


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Most rocks are not uniform throughout. On a scale usually best measured in millimeters or centimeters, they are composed of individual mineral grains that vary in size, shape and composition. … The individual, contrasted, larger-scale features of rocks are called 'structures'.



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Circle the letter of each sentence that supports Wegener’s hypothesis.

a. Some continents match up like jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener proposed the the "Continental Drift Theory" which is the older version of plate tectonic theory. According to the continental drift theory, the seven continents today was once connected before forming a single land mass known as "Pangaea". This theory tells us that the crustal plates are moving or drifting making the seven continents located in their position today.

Here are the Evidences that support Continental Drift Theory:

Jigsaw puzzle - The edge and shape of the continent tells us that they are connected before. Evidence from Fossil - Some fossil located in South America are also located to Africa in which it tells us that they are connected before. Coal deposit - Antarctica today doesn't support plant life, but coal beds were discovered in which it tells us that Antarctica is not located near the south pole but it is situated in an area capable of sustaining plant life and animals. Evidence From rocks - Rock formation in South America is connected to Africa.

For more information, kindly visit the link below:


Explanation: Patterns of Earthquake can't use to identify the continental drift before!

Ang rock structure ay hugis or itsura ng isang bato meron itong kaugnayan sa landform dahil parte ito ng landarea ng mundo.

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