What is half the product of 2 1/6 and 3 2/3 ? A. 8 15/16
B. 7 15/16
C. 6 15/16
D. 5 15/16​



ang isang sawikain o idyoma ay isang pagpapahayag na ang kahulugan ay hindi komposisyunal — sa ibang salita, hindi binubuo ng tumpak na kahulugan ang mga kanya-kanyang salita na nabuo. ito ay di-tuwirang pagbibigay kahulugan at pagpapakita ng kaisipan at kaugalian ng isang lugar.

mga halimbawa:

butas ang bulsa - walang pera

ilaw ng tahanan - ina

alog na ang baba - matanda na

alimuom - baho

bahag ang buntot - duwag

ikurus sa kamay (o ibang bahagi ng katawan) - tandaan

bukas ang palad - matulungin

kapilas ng buhay - asawa

nagbibilang ng poste - walang trabaho

basag ang pula - luko-luko


why would i write one? if you can fo it naman.


1. Lbs. is the abbreviation for which of the following units?

C. Pounds

2. How many square meters are there in a 22,000 square centimeter?

B. 2.2 m²

3. Dave is selling a piece of land which measures 345.8 hm². How many square meters of this land?

C. 3,458,000 square meters

4. The newly born baby weighed 3.1 kilograms. What is the weight of the baby in pounds

A. 6.82 pounds

5. Mount Apo in mindanao is the highest mountain in the philippines, which has an elevation of 9,689 ft. in Luzon, the highest mountain is Mt.pulog, which has an elevation of 9,612 ft. How much higher ineters is Mt.apo than Mt.pulog

B. 23.4696 meters

6. Jessa walks 456 m while her younger brother, Joseph, walks 0.35 km. How much farther Jessah walked than her brother in centimeters

D. 10,600 cm

7. Mang Juan put a plastic bag of water in the freezer at 7:38 in the morning. The water needs to frost for an hour and 50 minutes. At what time should the ice bag totally frost?

A. 9:28 a.m

8. What is the freezing point of water in Fahrenheit?

C. 32°

9. If there are 7 days in a week, how many weeks are there in half a year?

B. 26

10. Iron melts at 1535°C. What is it's Fahrenheit scale?

B. 2,795°FActivity 2

13. How is 2n + 8 ≥ 4 written in English sentence

A. The product of two and a number added by eight is at most four

14. What is five more than twice a number, when translated into algebric expression

B. 2n + 5

15. What is six times the sum of a number and three, when translated into algebric expression?

A. 6(n + 3)

16. What is 8n - 1, when translated into word phrases?

C. One less than eight times a number

17. Which of the following is false when n + 3 translated into mathematical phrase?

D. The product of a number and three

18. Which of the following is true when n - 5 translated into mathematical phrase?

B. The difference of five and n

19. How is 5x + 3 < 18 written in English sentence?

D. The product of five and a number added by three is less than eighteenActivity 3

20. In 3x² + x - 5, how many terms of the algebric expression?

B. 3 terms

21. What is the constant in the ex, 5x³ + 8x² - 3x - 6?

D. - 6

22. Which best statement is true about terms?

C. A term could be a combination of a number and variable

23. What type of polynomial is x³ - 4x² + 5

C. Trinomial

24. In 3⁴, this tells how many times 3 is used as an

A. Factor

25. In 4xy³z² + 5xy - 1, what is its degree of polynomial?

A. 3

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He is written by his readers. He thinks that the moment when this realization comes to him is a very special and valuable moment of his life. He declares with strong confidence that someone is there to understand him well and to explain him correctly. Finally, he gains faith in the existence of the Almighty.

A non-contact force is a force which acts on an object without coming physically in contact with it.[1] The most familiar non-contact force is gravity, which confers weight.[2] In contrast a contact force is a force applied to a body by another body that is in contact with it.[2]

All four known fundamental interactions are non-contact forces:[3]

Gravity, the force of attraction that exists among all bodies that have mass. The force exerted on each bo the distance between them.

Electromagnetism is the force that causes the interaction between electrically charged particles; the areas in which this happens are called electromagnetic fields. Examples of this force include: electricity, magnetism, radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, X-rays and gamma rays. Electromagnetism mediates all chemical, biological, electrical and electronic processes.

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