Observe the picture below and identify details that symbolize the things to consider in resolving conflicts. do you think the persons in the picture are trying to make amends to resolve conflict? (task 1 what you see i what you get )


What i see is what you get is moneyss
What do you mean about it. wala ko kasabot

What you can see in others is their real personality.

Or what you say to a person the effect of it is what you earn.

So don't jump into conclusions

1.Sabrina has wit,charm and she has an extremely pleasant personality.

2. In English clas,kiel learned to read poems critically and he appreciated good prose.

3. Coach butch was a brilliant strategist, a caring mentor and friend.

4. We found the film repulsive, offensive and we thought it was embarrasing.

5. Mr. Tan kept his store clean, neat and he had it conveniently arranged.

6.The tribes emphasized collective survival, mutual aid and being responsible for one another.

7. The frustrated customer wanted to exchange the article, to get a refund or the wanted to talk to the supervisor.

8. Flying to cebu can actually take less time than to drive going there,

9. To succeed is opening a new oppurtunity.

10. I would like both to buy a new house and purchase a new car.

11. The show is both educational and it is enjoyable.

12. The author not only wants fame but he also wants money

13.We were told to either reduce the staff or to find new costumers.

14. What you see is whenever you get.

15. He found the cleaning supplies in the closet, under the sink but not garage

"What you see What you get"

When you see it you are able to motivate yourself to get it by earning money in your job that specific thing gives you inspiration to be determined doing your job and it makes you get it

Lisud kaau na lor. . 500 words mangd ..
They are trying to resolve the conflict happen or they are trying to be identify or unique

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