Similar characteristics between medusa and perseus.


Being Heartless, Perilous, Skilled, Fearless, Extraordinary, Brave, and Strong
Ang pagkakatulad ni medusa at perseus ay pariho silang matapang

The Characteristics of Perseus and Medusa


Medusa and Perseus are similar in the fact that they are both characters in Greek Mythology.  


Medusa, a Gorgon, and Perseus, a demigod, are from two archetypes in Greek myth's that can be either immortal or mortal.

Gorgons are immortal except Medusa, Perseus is a demigod it some of them are immortal and some of them are not including Perseus.

Furthermore, the two are different from the fact that Medusa is a Gorgon (monster) while Perseus is some sort of god.

Characters in Gorgons Head

Perseus- son of Danae and Zeus.

Medusa- a monster with living venomous snakes in place of hair

King Acrisius-  was the king of Argos. Grandfather of Perseus.

Polydectes- was the ruler of Seraphos and fell in love with Danae.

Dictys-  brother of King Polydectes.

Andromeda - Daughter of  Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus and later on becomes Perseus wife.

Hermes - the messenger of the gods and protector of the travelers. Son of Zeus

Athena - also known as Athene, the goddess of man

Perseus Heroism

He killed Medusa, preventing more innocent people from being petrified by her.

He killed Medusa with the intention of using her head to save his mother, rather than for riches or glory, thus making his motivations pure.

Perseus saves Andromeda, from a sea monster and to his uncle.

The three perilous encounters that Perseus experience during his adventure is:

Perseus set forth on his adventure to get Medusa's head, determined to keep up his end of the bargain and to keep his mother safe.  

He also managed to meet a woman on the way home. This time, the woman’s name was Andromeda and she was set to be sacrificed to a sea monster.  

Andromeda’s uncle wanted to marry Andromeda himself, Perseus and Andromeda were able to hatch a plot to deal with the possessive uncle. When the uncle looked at Perseus, he withdrew Medusa’s head from the bag and turned the other man to stone.

Specifically, Gorgons are immortal with the exception of Medusa, while demigods can either be immortal or mortal, which in this case, Perseus is the latter. Furthermore, the two are different with the fact that Medusa is a Gorgon (monster) while Perseus is some sort of god.


Medusa:bad attitude,killer,stone hearted

Perseus's characteristics:

Sort of GodDemigodKind lovabble a hero

Medusa's Characteristics:


Common Characteristics:


Demigod- means half-human and half god

-many of demigod's are immortal

and others are mortal

including PERSEUS.

Gorgon- meaning monster

-the gorgons are immortal except

except Medusa.


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They both have powers

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