Role in my life that puts me in happy mood


What kind of role makes me happy? I'm happy to help other people :)
Roles in being myself, bringing up the best version of myaelf.
Playing the role of a sister or brother
I'm happy being a good daugther to my parents and by being true to myself than being fool for who really  i am.


Explanation:because if you role happy you dont know why you love because it he tems any bits handed known

The roles in life that puts me in a happy mood are being a daughter, a sister and a friend. Being with love ones always puts me in a happy life. Also being a daughter of God who strengthens me, always keeps me optimistic in life.

the role in life that puts me in happy mood is when i make my parents happy


because seing them happy for what i've something done for them is so priceless and no money can buy that happiness in me

the role in life that puts me in a happy mood is Being a Daughter.

loving your family also your self

Is being a daughter and being with my family

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