Short prayer for the class im a high school student



Dear Father in heaven,You are the omniscient God who know's our capacity and strenght.As a school officials,we can't handle this kind of work if without your overflowing wisdon and knowledge,so that in this moment we ask Your Almighty hand to cover and to manifest ask,we humbly ask before You everything,Teach us to be patient and humble so that we can do this kind of work by Your grace and mercy...

This all i ask in the Mighty name of Jesus AMEN❣







hope ot helps

Just follow the ACTS-- Adoration, Contrition, thanksgiving, and Supplication. Those are the parts that you should follow. I'm not telling you an exact prayer, though.It might be spontaneous and those kind of prayers should come from the heart, but still following the ACTS.
God Jehovah you're the greatest of all please guide us for learning this lesson for today thank you for everything in the name of Jesus Christ Amen 

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