It looks like a monkey for it belongs to the same family. what could it be?


It is Ape,in my opinion
Is it an ape or a chimpanzee? Or me?KiddingIts the first answer
Ape is the answer
Ape because apes look like monkey but they're just big they are the same look
A human species or a homo-sapiens


Explanation:since lake is a type of body water and is surrounded by land

Is it an ape? Apes are monkeys without tails


can u show a picture?i know the other answer but i won't know it without the question itself

1.cake 2.pedestrian 3.rainbow (I'm not sure if this is right)'re one of the elderly. sorry if my answer is offending you and the elderly. (I'm not sure if this is right) 6.lake (I am not sure if this is right) 7.ape (I'm not sure if this is right)

Is the answer Ape? I already encountered this kind of question twice.

Do you know the answer?

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